Board of Directors

Meet the Team

We come together as a team, working as one to achieve a common goal.  We strive to support children, families, and caregivers with life challenges by offering support and experiences that will inspire as many smiles as possible.

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Kristin Huibregtse

Executive Director

What makes me smile..... Thinking about Bennett's simple joys in life like throwing me a kiss, dancing to his favorite songs or just snuggling at the end of the night.

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Dean Huibregtse


What makes me smile.....Thinking about my breakfast with Bennett, wrestling on the floor with the king of headlocks and taking care of Buddee, Bennett's dog.


Gina Esch

Vice President

What makes me smile . . . Spending time with my family and friends, a nice glass of wine, traveling, sunshine and seeing other people smile.

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Scott Hetland


What makes me smile ... my wife, my kids and also knowing there is a God who loves us and loves to make us smile : )

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Sloane Astorino


What makes me smile ... Having the opportunity to spend more quality time with my family this past year.  Enjoying time with friends.  And Being a part of such a special organization whose mission is to bring smiles to kids faces.

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Kerrin Hetland

Board Member

What makes me smile ... anyone in my family belly laughing, all music by Jason Mraz, my hubby wrinkle smiling at me, watching my kiddos sleep soundly and being at peace, being called Kiki by my loved ones, an amazing lemon drop martini, a beautiful homily by Papa Joe and anything Chris Farley related.  I am simple frills. Just love:-)

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Stephanie Walker

Board Member

What makes me smile….  watching my children grow and develop as well as doing great work to support families who may have children going through health challenges.