Buddee Bags

There were many times in the life of Bennett that a visit to the doctor or a trip to the emergency room turned into a long term hospital stay.  It was during these moments of crisis that Kristin and Dean would find themselves lacking the fundamental supplies and comfort items that would be needed to create a less stressful environment in a time of turmoil.  Whether it was simply a toothbrush or Bennett's beloved lovey, "Whoozit", there was a level of anxiety in trying to figure out how to get such simple items to them without either one of them needing to leave Bennett's side.

Bennett was frequently admitted to either the Intensive Care Units or the Transplant Floors.  These units typically have the most critical children as patients and parents often choose to stay by their child's side rather than worry about their own self care.  Buddee Bags will ease that burden as we will provide bags to these units with essential items for parents experiencing an unplanned stay.  The simple act of brushing their teeth or taking a shower can make a world of difference in a parents day and by providing a Parent Buddee Bag, we hope to ease a bit of the pain that parents feel as they are experiencing an unexpected hospital stay.  We will also be providing Childrens Buddee Bags for the patients on these units comprised of comfort items such as blankets, books, and a "Whoozit" in honor of Bennett's lovey.  We hope to create an atmosphere where children and their parents alike are able to find some peace and comfort in such a  trying time.

As Kristin and Dean discussed how to shape this new program, they realized that there were many other areas in Childrens Healthcare that would benefit from similar Buddee Bags.  Always B Smiling is currently working on creating specialized bags for children in dialysis units and chemotherapy units.  These bags would be more of an entertainment bag to keep the children occupied during treatments.  We are in the midst of creating "Bennett's Beats", where we would provide headphones along with a musical program that the children could listen to during treatments.

The Buddee Bag Program will be tailored to fit the needs of each specific type of patient, depending on what unit they are admitted to and/or what treatment they will be receiving during that time. The most beautiful thing about  The Buddee Bag Program is that it is  brand new and we will be able to be creative.  As time goes on, and as we receive feedback from the children and their parents, we can make adjustments to make sure that these bags inspire as many smiles as possible.
Buddee Bag on Balcony
Bennett Iowa St

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.  The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”

Winston Churchill

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