Our Inspiration - Bennett "B" Huibregtse

Bennett will be remembered as a gentle soul, with a sharp sense of humor who courageously fought many battles throughout his life . . . always with a smile.


This. Just this. This picture is the most perfect picture of Bennett Matthew Huibregtse and his amazing smile. Bennett's laugh was one of pure joy and his smile was beyond beautiful. Bennett had a sense of humor and even though he couldn't take part of a conversation in the traditional way, he got his point across and made people laugh. Oh how Bennett loved to make people laugh. His face would light up when he knew he'd gotten you.


Bennett's personality was the best. He was joyful, loving, sweet, kind and an all around amazing human being. Bennett enjoyed riding his horses and trips to the beach, a good iced tea or just swimming in his pool. Bennett was just....Bennett. He loved the simple things in life but most of all....Bennett loved to smile.  Bennett's life was not easy. He struggled through the years but yet, he always had that smile. He taught so many so much and was honestly, just an extraordinary person.  When you were with Bennett, you didn't see his handicaps, you just saw a pretty cool 16 year old dude who embraced every day, every smile, and every moment.  Bennett didn't know he was "different", he lived his life purely for the simple things that most people take for granted.  A smile, a laugh, a bike ride on the trail, time with his cousins....but most of all he lived for one thing. He lived for love.

Loving came naturally to "B" and he learned from the very best.  Kristin Heine Huibregtse and Dean Huibregtse are the epitome of loving parents and they made sure that Bennett's life was lived joyfully and to the fullest every day.  Just 18 months prior to Bennett's birth, they lost their first child, Matthew Dean Huibregtse to Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease. This is the same condition that Bennett would be diagnosed with and the same condition that would eventually cause Bennett's death.  Although Matthew only lived 16 hours, the 960 minutes that he spent here on earth were instrumental in giving Kristin and Dean the necessary tools that they would need to be able to guide Bennett through his healthcare journey.  As tragic as it was, Matthew's death actually saved Bennett.  Without the knowledge that they gained about ARPKD from that heartbreaking moment, there would have never been the early intervention that was needed to save Bennett and allow him to live for 16 1/2 years.  Matthew was not only Bennett's big brother, he was truly his superhero.

When Bennett passed on the 26th of July in 2020, they made a promise that they would continue to share his smile with the world and in doing so, bring smiles to so many others. Bennett loved a good laugh while flashing his amazing smile and that is the mission of Always "B" Smiling....to bring smiles to the ones who need it.

Whether it is a child in need, a family member, a care giver or a healthcare provider, the goal of Always "B" Smiling is simple...put a smile on a face.  In the 16 1/2 years that the earth was blessed with Bennett, a day didn't pass without one of his beautiful smiles...let today be the day that B's memory brings a smile to your face.

Bennett will always be our Superman!

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